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Mesh Apron
Mesh Apron
Item No.:  Grey

ChengyiTex Mesh Apron is made of premium nylon which is imported. It has special feature of weaving structure, stability of size, ventilate performance, anti-static performance, strong Edge, easy-cleaning, long life span, especially long life span.

NOTE: Please tell us what count yarn you are spinning, so we could supply you the right mesh of the apron.


Ф 36.3*25 mm (114*25mm) Suessen
Ф 34.9*25 mm (110*25mm) Toyota(old)
Ф 39.4*17 mm (124*17mm) Toyota(new)                  
Ф 38.9*25 mm (122*25mm) Huafang                  
Ф 40.8*25 mm (128*25mm) Tonghe                  
Ф 37.5*22 mm (117*22mm) Rifa                   
Ф 43.3*18 mm (136*18mm) Pinter                  
Ф 36.3*15 mm (114*15mm) Marzoli

And size could be to orders.

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